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For the ZOOM G3 (V2) and G3X (essentially the same except for the expression pedal). Offering excellent settings that emulate the Hank Marvin sound and equalling the best of EFTP. Hall's Echo are the re-branded (formerly known as EFTP) echo effects for the ZOOM G3, G3X and G5 but. Thank you for the people who responded to my earlier questions and they have been a great help to me. What I now want to know is. Do these patches relate to specific songs? e.g. Apache or Wonderful Land. Are there alot of them and can you also get them for more songs. Are they part of a library of. Charlie Hall has developed patch sets for these Quadraverb units and some others over the years. The sounds are very close to the original sounds of many vintage echo tape units from the past. Compared with modern digital fx boxes, the sounds are warm and very close to reallity. More info and EFTP patches here.

Limited support should also be available to anyone who has already properly re- registered a unit that contains EFTP patches, subject to the same limitations as above. Any unit offered for sale that contains genuine EFTP, whether described as such or not, will not automatically be considered to be registered to a new owner. Alesis Quadraverb Plus with Authentic EFTP patches. EUR ; 0 bids; + EUR postage. 1d 16h left (Sunday, ); From United Kingdom. Customs services and international tracking provided. 27 Feb Web search for any of "meazzi" "shadows echoes" "meazzi timings" to obtain details of the machines used and some of the information about how the equipment was used. I currently own an Alesis Q20 with Charlie Hall's EFTP patches but I'm thinking ebay will get a posting shortly. Please enjoy!.

13 Dec Re: EFTP no longer available!! Post by Twang46» Sat Dec 13, pm. And the problem is .:?: If you bought & registered EFTP as per the conditions of sale you will still be entitled to support. In effect what has happened is that EFTP have stopped selling the "patches" Dick. Twang Posts. 28 Mar My previous echo machine had been a Zoom RFX with the EFTP programs from Charlie Hall. These programs or patches were numbered from on the Zoom's two digit seven-segment display and they came with a list of suggested patches for the common tunes by The Shadows. IMG__ 20 Dec Guitar effect patches for the zoom G2 and Gu. Introducing The G Series from Zoom. Zoom's new G2 combines a harmonized pitch shifter with a built-in PCM drum machine. It also sports the World's fastest patch change.