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Animal species database

Welcome to the Catalogue of Life website. The gateway to our online database of the world's known species of animals, plants, fungi and micro-organisms. There are two distinct versions of the Catalogue: the Catalogue of Life monthly edition and the Catalogue of Life Annual Checklist. Choose the version most suited to. Global species database. Animals sorted by longevity (lifetime) · Animals that exist only in captivity · Animals that hibernate · Carnivorous plants · Fastest animals · Greatest weight dimorphism. Janka Wood Hardness - Softest - Hardest · Largest wingspan · Nocturnal animals · Plants sorted by height · Venomous animals. The Encyclopedia of Life is an unprecedented effort to gather scientific knowledge about all animal and plant life where pictures, information, facts, and mo.

Here you will find authoritative taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes of North America and the world. We are a partnership of U.S., Facility (GBIF). The ITIS and Species Catalogue of Life (CoL) partnership is proud to provide the taxonomic backbone to the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL). This is a list of biodiversity databases. Biodiversity databases store taxonomic information which provide information on the biodiversity of a particular area or group of living organisms. They may store specimen-level information, species- level information, information on nomenclature, or any combination of the above. The WildFinder database contains presence/absence data for the world's terrestrial amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, by terrestrial ecoregion. Ecoregions are defined as "relatively large units of land that contain a distinct assemblage of natural communities and species, with boundaries that approximate the original.

CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments that aims to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. The Checklist of CITES Species allows the exploration of. A number of wild animal and bird species have been listed in various schedules of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, Similarly, these species are also categorized under IUCN Red List, CITES and Convention on Migratory Species ( CMS). This database provides information on categorization of species under these. Species Species is an autonomous federation of taxonomic database custodians, involving taxonomists throughout the world. Our goal is to collate a uniform and validated index to the world's known species (plants, animals, fungi and microbes). Species is registered as a not-for-profit company limited by .