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The color of the icon in the Availability column indicates the current availability status of the resource, or the resource group. To rename a Data window, right-click the icon in the upper left corner of the Data window and choose Rename Worksheet. Session window: The Session window displays the results of the analyses that you perform. It also can display the command line, which lets you use Session Commands to perform Minitab analyses. For some graphs, Minitab displays symbols at individual data values, so that you can visually assess their patterns. For other graphs, Minitab displays symbols at summary statistics, such as the mean, median, or count. You can add these symbol displays to some graphs that don't display them by default; for example, add a.

23 Sep Icon Zoom. From the Tools menu, select Customize. Click the Options tab in the Customize window then select the “Large Icons” check box. Voila! Your toolbar icons will instantly double in size. Icon Zoom. Assign a shortcut key to a menu item. Set options for how Minitab displays toolbars. Create custom icons for menu items or toolbar buttons. You finished your first analysis and generated a report. You now decide to use Tools > Options and Tools > Customize to customize the Minitab interface to make future analyses quicker. 15 Feb To quickly navigate to the last dialog box you had open, press the control key and then press 'e', written as 'ctrl+e'. Alternatively, press the edit last dialog icon in the tool bar as shown. This should have re-opened the dialog box we used to generate 30 rows of random data from the uniform distribution.

9 Mar If you only update your measurement column, you'll see that your update icon in the upper left corner of the graph will change to red X. Once you enter in data for your time stamp and your stage columns, the graph will update automatically. Your X will turn into a green check. The pictures below show the. 8 Nov Look for this yellow icon in the Minitab toolbars to find the History folder: Minitab History Icon This History facility considerably helps the creation of macros. To create a macro, you just need to retrieve the corresponding command lines from the History window: select the session commands, then, with a right. 16 Feb how to interpret statistical tables and graphs in a practical, straightforward way. From basic statistics to Design of Experiments, StatGuide offers relevant guidance when you need it most. To access the StatGuide, just right-click on your output, press Shift+F1 on the keyboard, or click the StatGuide icon in.