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Wow 64 bit client

You don't need to download anything extra (it used to be the case when the 64 bit client was in beta, but not anymore), the 64 bit version should be autodetected and enabled if you have a 64 bit system, but like Wushii says you need to make sure that is unticked. Mymail 19 Human Rogue 39 posts. 17 Feb Windows 7 is a hybrid 32/64 bit OS so you won't have any problems upgrading the game client to which is also 32 and 64 bit ( & wowexe respectively). If it has started feeling funky, you can change it by the app > Settings > Game Settings > and checkmark Launch 32 bit client (instead. Simply delete the bit files listed below from the World of Warcraft folder, and the patching process will resume after going through a short repair process. Windows. WoWexe. Mac. World of Warcraft- app. A new version of the bit client files will be available for after the patch.

11 Jan One of the most frequently asked questions around here these days is what exactly the difference is between a and bit client of World of Warcraft. Blizzard, which has been hinting at a bit WoW client for some time now, has finally announced that such a client exists and can be downloaded for. WoW 64 bit is able to take advantage of 64 bit OS' advantages, like increased RAM (32 bit has a limit of what it can read) and the size a calculation can be (64 bit has a MUCH higher number it can count to, although I don't think WoW uses this, it means 32 bit client can have billion as a max number, such as health, but. Ideally you should be pointing to the launcher rather than directly to the client, but yes changing the target of the shortcut is an option. However also changing the setting from the launcher is a good idea if you find yourself for whatever reason running it from the launcher, such as after a subsequent patch.

I've installed the bits client on my machine and never had issues with it so far, and my ~30 addons are all working well. BTW, there are no bit folder in the WoW installation when you switch to bits. The entry point for WoW to run in 64 bits is the wowexe file and only the and. SO 64 bit crashes when I start the client. I was using 32 bit mode to circumvent this, but now there doesn't seem to be the option anymore. The launcher just had an update so I'm assuming they removed this option? edit: I tried adding - noautolaunch64bit to the command line arguments and that didn't seem. In computing on Microsoft platforms, WoW64 is a subsystem of the Windows operating system capable of running bit applications that is included in all bit versions of Windows—including Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, IA and x64 versions of Windows Server , as well as bit versions of Windows .