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Dishpointer augmented reality app

Point your phone towards the sky and see on the live camera screen where the satellites are, any line of sight (LoS) issues by trees or buildings and the look angles. Couldn't be easier to install your dish with this augmented reality satellite finder. DishPointer AR Pro. Doing a site survey and setting up a dish is going to be a piece of cake with this app. This is a truly useful augmented reality app for the professional and diy enthusiast alike. The app uses the gps, accelerometer, and the compass of the new iPhone 3GS. Just move the phone up and down and left and right and the satellite. Point your phone towards the sky and see on the live camera screen where the satellites are, any lin.

Ever wondered what satellites are flying above your head when you look up? This app will show them to you using augmented reality. Point your phone's camera to the sky, and small icons track the locations of various satellites. Those in sunlight are colored yellow to help you look for them on a clear " Developer's. 16 Dec Dishpointer Augmented Reality is an iPhone/Android phone application that allows you to locate television satellites nearest to your area with your phone. See video here: ? v=5AFtcgYRcu4. or search " DishPointer Youtube". BusinessWeek: "Best iPhone Augmented Reality Apps for Business - Tracking Satellites in Space - DishPointer AR Pro". Wall Street Journal : "An enterprise app". Tele-Satellite: "Award winning DishPointer App: It's never.

Discover the best similar apps to DishPointer AR Pro in ios and the 12 best alternatives to DishPointer AR Pro free and paid. 21 Dec Folks, I just got an Apple iPhone 4S and I am still learning it. (It's quite a different phone than my previous BB Torch.) I do a little satellite work (Shaw Direct & Bell) from time to time for friends. I'm toying with grabbing this App as it would certainly make it easier to look for LOS obstacles. (It does seem a little. DishPointer, Augmented Reality App for Finding Satellites.