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Molecular mixology recipes

The scientific equipment, techniques and know-how of molecular gastronomy, generally applied to food, have been quickly adopted by chefs and mixologists to create interesting cocktails. Molecular mixology brings science to the shaker to create new flavors, textures, surprising presentations and enhance the overall. 16 Dec Take a step into the brave new world of molecular mixology. A different kind of mixed drink, far beyond your average rum 'n coke recipe, these cocktails are works of science and art. They introduce you to new and exciting ways of experiencing flavors you know and love (along with brand new ones). These. 5 Dec Be a mad scientist in the kitchen and class up a romantic dinner with see-through ravioli, enjoy a piece of exploding chocolate this Fourth of July or even munch on a crunchy cocktail or two with our list of ten easy molecular gastronomy recipes. Alcohol. 1. White Russian Krispies Yes, The Dude would.

1 Jul These cocktails often require their creator to freeze, gel or flambé ingredients, and with the exception of a few wildly dangerous drinks, most can be made by amateurs. To play mad scientist in your own home bar, follow these recipes, designed by molecular-mixology experts. CAUTION: Always use care. Molecular mixology techniques and recipes. Get inspired by these creative modernist cocktails! | See more ideas about Molecular gastronomy, Rezepte and Molecular cocktails. MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY RECIPES. Are you new to the world of molecular gastronomy? If so, the following recipes make for a great introduction to the most popular techniques. So go on: start emulsifying, spherifying, and more! Molecular recipes. Mauris pulvinar augue quam condiment commodo felis placerat. 24 Nov .

On another note, as some of you may know, I write a Molecular Mixology (MM) column for a European bar magazine. This month's theme was the martini, and I was given the task of trying to update this age-old cocktail using MM techniques. As much as I hate to mess around with that most venerable of recipes, I acquiesced. Molecular mixology recipes wether you have a kit or are starting from scratch these are some simple ideas and recipes.