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Never Been Thawed is an independent film released in It takes its name from the best condition a frozen entree can be in according to the film's fictional Mesa Frozen Entree Enthusiast's Club. It was filmed in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area by director Sean Anders on a budget of approximately $35, . Comedy · Shawn is the founder of the Mesa Frozen Entree Enthusiasts Club. He has inspired this group of fanatical collectors to attempt to host the world's first Frozen Entree Enthusiasts Convention See full summary». Sold by Sparks DVD Sales and Fulfilled by Amazon. Greg Behrendt (Actor), Kent Voss (Actor) Rated: It was really 2 movies in one, the frozen dinner collector's club and the foul-mouthed Christian rock band who are in it for the money and the chicks.

17 Jan Shawn has been collecting frozen dinners since he was twelve. Today he works part-time as a dental hygienist to cover the cost of operating fourteen full-sized freezers in a one bedroom apartment. Shawn is the founder of the Mesa Frozen Entrée Enthusiasts' Club, a small group of fanatical collectors. 5 Oct Here are some of the joke ideas introduced during the first 20 minutes of Never Been Thawed: a club for people who collect frozen entrees, a hardcore punk band that becomes a Christian act by changing the word "fuck" to "pray" in all their songs, a coffee chain that sets up near abortion clinics to service. Never Been Thawed movie reviews & Metacritic score: A hilarious, dark and smart look at the subcultures that can turn each of us into fans, followers and ser.. .

22 Aug Thawed is flawed. Director and star Sean Anders unsuccessfully ventures into Christopher Guest territory with this mockumentary about frozen-entrée collectors . Anders is president of a unique club that covets the cold grub and is lead singer for a band that's recently "converted" (purely for marketing. 5 Oct First-time helmer Sean Anders' "Never Been Thawed" targets a wide range of sitting ducks. But pic's satire is greatly mitigated by the fact that none of the characters takes his or her obsessions truly seriously. Scattershot slacker comedy comes off as lame and unfocused as its draggy dramatis personae.