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Delete ps3 history

29 Jan The PlayStation 3 allows you to browse the internet via an integrated web browser. Here is a simple guide to clear your browsing data on your console: Open the Internet browser. Press the Triangle button > Tools; The following options are available: Delete Cookies. Delete Search history. Delete Cache. I cannot delete the words I typed when I searched the internet (using the internet search button). The words remain on the R of the virrual keyboard. When i go in, I can delete previous words used in google for example (by deleting the predictive dictionary and deleting the history). My PS3 is a communal. 12 Feb When you open up the browser in the Playstation 3 and press the triangle button on the controller you can see a list of options on the right side. Go to “History” and hit the “X” button you can see a list of all the sites you last visited but you may not want that. Here's how to delete and clear the history on the.

22 Jun Okay, so the long-and-short of it is, I couldn't use my laptop, so I was looking at porn on the browser on the PS3, which I then remembered my dad uses, as well. I really wouldn't enjoy having him type in www. and see the 'recommendations' pop up on the side with naughty things in them. Is there a way to. Is there a way to delete the list of previously viewed sites that come up in the auto -completion box while using the PS3's web browser? You can delete history and cache but I see no option to delete input history. 26 Mar I've tried two things that havent worked: went to settings, system settings, delete predictive text dictionary. I also tried pessing triangle in the browser, then click history and then delete all. But still when I open my search tab it has everythin.

I tried deleting cache, history, authenication, etc. it wouldn't work!!! How do I get rid of this? Anyway: Go to Settings on the XBM > System Settings > Delete Predictive Text Dictionary. And walla, its deleted. . The only thing that sucks is that on most sites, they use wmv for game trailers, so the PS3 can't watch them. At least. 27 Jan Here&#;s how to delete and clear the history on the PS3, press triangle again when you are in the history window and at the top you will see &#; Delete all&#; now press &#;X&#; button and a confirmation screen will appear &#;All history will be deleted are you sure you want. log when you connect to network will send to sony for check homebrew or backup manager or illegal activity then: Method 1: you need to disconnect from psn and disable internet connection from ps3 then use ftp server, backup manager, file manager you finish delete the log, open an app in ps3.