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15 Feb The DWP recognised a need to simplify legislation for bulk transfers of pure DC benefits. Some of the current requirements are burdensome and can be seen as unnecessary barriers to consolidation (such as the actuarial certification requirement, which often has scheme actuaries scratching their heads in. Most blog networks have now shut down or given users the chance to delete all of these incoming links. You should too. Affiliate links all over the place. Google isn't necessarily opposed to affiliate websites, but a high number of affiliate links is a red flag that the content may not be up to scratch. Although it's possible to mask. 12 Mar Bad bots make up 20 percent of all web traffic and are used to conduct a variety of harmful activities, such as denial of service attacks, competitive data The Act seeks to protect consumers in a number of ways in an increasingly digital society, including by “cracking down on ticket touts by making it a.

It all started when one of our writers published a blog post to a client's site – it was about finding great deals in Omaha, Nebraska (complete with an altogether . The value is whatever the lawyer determines it to be, and considering he gets 40% of the imaginary value that he makes up on a whim, that number is invariably. 7 Jun Wondering how to respond when your blog content is scraped? After you have your website Terms, put your Terms in the footer on every page of your website, including your blog. This law contains all sorts of fun stuff, and the main provision that protects content is the Notice and Takedown rule. 10 Apr Our competition laws deal with this kind of buyer power. These concerns, however, are often low on the enforcement agenda due to the indirect effects on consumer welfare. In the digital age, that urgently needs to change. In looking up rather down, we see how the super-platforms can squeeze millions of.

If you have ever suffered a knee injury, you would be well aware that it feels like your knee never quite r its lingering pain, loss of mobility, reduced function or general weakness, there is always a lasting symptom to remind you your knee just isn't quite up to scratch anymore. However, you do not have [ ]. 3 Feb Over the past few years, I've scraped dozens of websites – from music blogs and fashion retailers to the USPTO and undocumented JSON endpoints I found Whereas if the website goes down or is having issues, that's a more of an in-your- face, drop-everything-until-this-is-fixed kind of problem, and gets. An Oklahoma-based weblog about law practice management, the Internet and technology as it applies both in law practice and in all of our lives.