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#metadata: no types: alert: # payload: yes # enable dumping payload in Base64 # payload-buffer-size: 4kb # max size of payload buffer to output in eve-log # payload-printable: yes # enable dumping payload in printable (lossy) format # packet: yes # enable dumping of packet (without stream segments) # http-body: yes. 10 May If you print , you would see UnicodeMultiDict([('tests', u'a'), ('tests', u 'b')]). Fix to this would be to use json object for your post. person = ({ "tests": ['a', 'b'], }) r = (url, json=person) print(()). Or in your case, you will have to somehow tweak your POST request at API end to get a list. Can we have a JSON payload aswell as XML to make it easier for developing Android apps that prefer JSON as they only have basic SAX library (XPATH is also buggy across API levels) and JSON is pretty much free and the preferred droid format for web services:) And NO I don't want to have to manage.

2 Aug In my local version of Eve, I changed the beginning of to the following: @ ratelimit() @requires_auth('resource') def post(resource): payl = payload() return _post(resource, payl) def _post(resource, payl): I then changed methods/ so that it exports _post() and now, I can call _post() and. certain endpoint, and want to perform additional post() calls. from there. Please be advised that in order to successfully use this. option, a request context must be available. See for a. discussion, and a typical use case.:param skip_validation: skip payload validation before write ( bool). from ning import resolve_document_version, \. insert_versioning_documents, late_versioning_catch. @ratelimit(). @ requires_auth('item'). @pre_event. def patch(resource, payload=None, **lookup): . """ Default function for handling PATCH requests, it has decorators for. rate limiting, authentication and for raising.

12 Samples. from import get_document, parse, payload as payload_, \ ratelimit, pre_event, store_media_files, resolve_user_restricted_. reserves PackAB and redirects Payload AB to Eve. With AR1, RARB reserves Payload AB and generates a new packet, whose destination IP address is Eve. With AR3, RARB forwards Payload AB to Eve by altering the output interface of the reserved packet. Because the step of forwarding is limited to one link, AR3 can only. Having some money left over on EA Origin, I decided to get the Eve Online Core Starter Pack to get into the game because its always seemed.