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Articles relating to music in the Ace Attorney series. 9 Dec The Ace Attorney Games have always been known for their incredible music, but even within such a lauded series, certain songs stand out – be it for their flawless composition, their brilliant arrangements, or above all their striking originality. To celebrate the release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. 31 Jan And as much as I love the artwork and the goofy stories, the thing I love most about the Ace Attorney games is Masakazu Sugimori's delightful music. I can think of few video game series whose music is so indirectly funny, with so much boundless energy. There are so many great songs throughout the series.

I'm feeling nostalgic for Ace Attorney today and was reminded of how amazing the soundtrack is. I'm curious what songs really stuck with other. Ace Attorney has incredible music all throughout. I don't think there's been a single track I've ever disliked or tired of hearing, and there are certain tracks I've loved so much I've constantly listened to them just on my own time. What are your favorites? My top 5 are: 1: Announce the Truth (Justice for All) I adore most of. In this topic we discuss which game had the best music in each respective music category. I'll start to give you an idea. Best Investigation song: This one is very general and applies to many different songs in the series. Basically any song that is used for the purposes of investigation specifically. EX my favorite.

18 Nov Transcript of Songs That Fit the Phoenix Wright Characters #1. Songs That Fit the Phoenix Wright Characters #1. Phoenix: How to Save a Life by Th. Full transcript .