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PokerTracker 4. The ultimate online poker tracking and analysis tool that will provide you with useful statistics about your opponents while you play (i.e HUD), as well as provide you with a great system to review your play later. out of 5. SEE VIDEO · DOWNLOAD. Poker Edge, online poker tracker for player profiling and software see poker player stats in real time right onto your table, best voted poker tool. Poker-Edge Exposed: the special review you need to read before deciding to try pokeredge. poker-edge is a HUD. Is pokeredge a worthless software or is it a poker weapon that will help you make money playing online poker? Randy Barron here I am an online poker semi-pro and profitability is a question of survival.

There are many alternatives to the software tools you mention here - several of them offering the same core functionality at a lower price. Poker Copilot (my product) runs on Mac and Windows, supports most online poker rooms, has an excellent user. 5 Jun Have you got the edge over your Edge to be more precise? Over the past few weeks I have been testing a piece of software called Poker Edge and found it to be more than useful. I think that as online poker moves into a whole new phase then it is imperative that the serious online. The average poker player is getting better by the day. Almost everyone is using a HUD these days. Under these circumstances it's getting harder to find an edge. A fact is that everyone has leaks. The game of poker is far from being solved. You just need better tools to find those leaks. It's becoming more important to analyse .

Hi, I have a question for the more experienced players who are used to using HUD. First i subscribed to poker edge 5 and was really satisfied with the data on my opponents and my winrate increased dramaticly. Now, however I am thinking about switching to a holdem manager HUD it is due to some. 5 Sep If you've put any significant effort into studying poker in the last five to ten years ( which, since you're reading this article, I'll assume you have), then at some point you've probably used a piece of computer software to do it. Many players, myself included, will have entered into the game at a time when the use. 16 Apr Poker Edge is a player tracking software that utilizes a large database to calculate weaknesses within opponents in an online poker game.