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Sql 2008 test database

The AdventureWorksR2 sample databases that are used in the code examples in SQL Server Books Online can be downloaded from the Microsoft SQL Server Samples and Community Projects? LinkID= home page. Start Internet Explorer. Go to the Microsoft Download Center Web site. In the keywords box, type SQL Server Express. Click Go. On the results page, click the link to the Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition download page. Follow the installation instructions on. The Northwind and pubs sample databases are not installed by default in Microsoft SQL Server. These databases can be downloaded from this Microsoft Web site. After downloading , extract the sample database scripts by double-clicking will extract.

AdventureWorks has moved to. SQL Server Samples on GitHub. Please update existing links to point to the new location. Downloads for older versions of AdventureWorks ( and earlier) are archived on Codeplex for your convenience. They are also in the SQL Server Sample repository on GitHub. Note: This database was originally created for the Microsoft Press book SQL Server Internals. Review this blog post for more information and an SSMS solution file with a number of scripts on internals. Baseball Stats Sample Database (23MB zip/MB backup). Note: This is based on the Lahman baseball database. 17 Apr As I work on testing the Database Health Reports project, I have configured several test servers running as virtual machines using Hyper-V. Part of setting these up for testing, I usually end up installing the sample databases for SQL Server. The sample databases give me something to test against, and what.

I recommend using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (or SSMS, for short.) SSMS, allows you to manage your server and your databases, as well as write scripts that you can execute against your databases. It's a necessary tool if you are going to used SQL Server. You may already have. 18 Nov Often you'll find yourself logged into a web or application server and need to simply test that you can get to the SQL server you've unsuccessfully been trying to point your app at. Luckily there is a nifty trick built into Windows that allows you to save the day without having to install anything on your box – and. For the record, the Northwind database is available for SQL Server and at now. – Louhike Sep 25 '13 at add a comment |. up vote 0 down vote. Not very large, but good for beginners to test apps and database objects. This will help create a mid level application to test other.