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Xcology. Download Xcology Demo ver. Click on the file name to begin downloading. File name: (18 MB). [Once the download is complete, the file should be unzipped using WinZip or WinRar. A folder named 'Xcology' will be created and all the files will be placed in it. Click to run the software]. Download teaching resources for pharmacology - software, PPT files, MS Word Documents, Workshop material etc. 30 Mar This version of Xcology Pro is a package of animal experiments in pharmacology. These simulations can be used to demonstrate drug actions to a range of different animal systems. The aim of these simulations is to help students remember and recall drug actions. The package includes a tutorial and.

Considering the necessity of such computer assisted learning tool to reduce/ replace the animal use and to refine the demonstrations as well the teaching process, a software 'X-cology: An Interactive CD-ROM for Pharmacology Undergraduates' was developed. This software (developed in Multimedia Director, Flash and. Xcology Pro. Simulated Experiments in. Pharmacology. Dr Chandragouda Raosaheb Patil. know more ExPhysiology Pro. Simulated Experiments in. Physiology. Dr Sandhya Avadhany. know more Experimental Physiology. Simulated Experiments in. Physiology. Dr Rashmi Babbar, Dr S.K. Bajaj, Mrs Sharmila Sanyal. 8, Xcology Pro, DRC of Histamine on Guinea Pig Ileum. 9, Xcology Pro, Effect of Physostigmine on the DRC of Acetylcholine on Frog Rectus Abdominis Muscle. 10, Xcology Pro, Effect of Atropine on the DRC of the Acetylcholine on Rat Ileum. 11, Xcology Pro, Effects of Spasmogens and Spasmolytics on the Rabbit Jejunum.

The software runs with Windows 95, 98, , XP & Vista. It was NOT tested under Windows NT. It does NOT work under Windows 3.x. Nor is it available for other platforms (Mac, Unix). You can download and use version T and use it without any restrictions. The major differences between T and T are, the later. 27 Feb The software is aimed at helping the UGs understand, remember and recall drug actions. The package contains four programs: Rabbit - Effects drugs on the rabbit eye. - Heart - Effects of drugs on the frog heart. - Ileum - Bioassay of histamine on the guinea-pig ileum. - Oesophagus - Effects of drugs on the. 19 Oct X- cology / Ex-Pharm This software (developed in Multimedia Director, Flash and visual basic for windows) displays complete video demonstrations of different procedures like isolation and mounting of animal tissues followed by on screen interactive interface to study the effects of various drugs on the.