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Average cable modem speed download

Average cable modem speed

22 Feb Cable Internet has traditionally been one of the fastest kinds of home broadband service. Is your cable modem Internet running as fast as it should?. A typical residential cable modem connection ranges anywhere from 3 to 15 Mbps (Megabits per second) downstream, and Mbps upstream. Cable modem speed is not guaranteed and often fluctuates, since the available bandwidth is shared between many users on the same node. Cable modems are also typically. 2 Jan Thanks to the rise of streaming video services like Netflix, ISPs in the United States have been forced to up their game and deliver faster connections to keep bandwidth hungry users satisfied. In fact, a new report from the FCC highlights that the average U.S. Internet speed has tripled over a period of three.

The tests usually download and upload files to give you both download and upload speeds because the two differ. While your cable Internet service provider may provide you with fast download speeds, your upload speeds are typically limited due to bandwidth issues. The speed test may show you your average speed or. 9 Oct Does anyone now what is the average speed for cable modem.. I am refering to the real one not to the advertised one by the cable isp. How is that affected by the high traffic..??? I suppose is slower when the traffic is higher.. of course.. how slow though?? tantica P.S. My upload is Kbs and sometimes. 10 Feb The average broadband download speed in the U.S. is now megabits per second, while the average upload speed is Mbps, according to the report " US Residential Broadband Speeds Accelerate," based on an In-Stat survey. In , cable modem and wireless users saw the highest gains in.

30 Dec , Modem (V), , 56k modem, , Innetix wireless, San Jose (at work; ), , ISDN, Mountain View ( at work; ), , Pacfic Bell ADSL, Palo Alto (home), , upload. , Cable modem with b wireless, Sacramento. WiFi. In most instances a connection over WiFi will be slower than if you were connected physically to your modem with a cable, particularly if there is a wall in the way or there are multiple users on the same WiFi network. WiFI performance can also be impacted by interference from surrounding devices and nearby users on. 22 Feb Cable companies are quietly rolling out a dramatically faster standard for broadband access, and all you have to do to take advantage of it is exchange your cable modem.