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> Misc > deb2tgz (). Shell script that converts Debian packages to Slackware packages. Maintained by: Vitor Borrego Keywords: convert,debian, slackware,package,deb,tgz,txz,tlz,tbz ChangeLog: deb2tgz. Homepage: https:// Source Downloads: Aug 24, Latest commit c03f on Aug 24, jbarrett The file could be compressed with anything, let tar do its t . First pass at Slackware package creation from debs. deb2targz is a tool to help create Slackware packages from Debian' packages. Attention: If you accessed this thread looking for solutions to deb2tgz this is probably not the place. At least for me it is really rare that I ever come across an app that is only available as , and even then simply extracting the files and manually placing them where designated has always worked.

Jul 23, Download deb2tgz for free. Simple script for convert Debian packages to Slackware packages. Heavily based in rpm2tgz by Patrick Volkerding. Convert Debian packages to Slackware packages. This shell script convert Debian packages to Slackware packages. Heavy based in rpm2tgz by Patrick Volkerding. Project Information. License: GNU GPL v2; 9 stars; svn-based source control. Labels: deb2tgz Slackware Convert Debian Conversor. The Google Code. File, Summary + Labels, Uploaded, Size. README, deb2tgz README Type- Docs OpSys-All, Jan 25, , slack-desc, deb2tgz slack-desc Type-Docs OpSys-All, Jan 25, , deb2tgz, deb2tgz main script Type-Source OpSys- Linux Type-Executable, Jan 25, , KB. uild, deb2tgz.

Deb2tgz Download for Linux (txz, noarch). Download deb2tgz linux packages for Slackware. Slackware Slackonly i convert Debian packages. Slackonly x86_ convert Debian packages. deb2tgz latest versions: deb2tgz architectures: noarch. Feb 5, to tgz. This took a little more time to figure out. The easiest solution I found is to first install the "deb2tgz" utility which can be downloaded from http:// Then once again run the relevent command. Download Code Snippet. deb2tgz [packagename].deb. echo " (view converted packages with \"less\", install and remove" echo " with \" installpkg\", \"removepkg\", \"pkgtool\", or manually" echo " with \"tar\")" echo echo "Usage: $0 " if [ "`basename $0`" = "deb2tgz" ]; then echo " (Outputs \" \")" else echo " (Outputs \"\")" fi exit 1; fi # Create a new temporary .