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26 Jan Despite news to the contrary back in November, Korean publisher and developer HanbitSoft still plans to maintain Hellgate: London as a free-to-play title on a global scale after Namco Bandai's January 31st server shutdown. Its major background has shifted from London to Tokyo. T3 entertainment was recognized with its technology by launching HellGate Resurrection in December They were able to maintain the advantages of HellGate while introducing new world concept, system and various contents to strengthen HellGate Tokyo. GAME INTRODUCTION. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. ” (Albert Einstein) Hellgate: London, originally a well-known world's popular online game, is back as mobile FPS worldwide! Great story from the original version was placed in the game by stages one after the other. Challenge the final boss.

3 Apr HanbitSoft, a Korean publisher, wants to bring Hellgate: London back online in the US and Europe. One problem, though: Namco-Bandai needs to give up their publishing rights for the game in NA and PAL territories before that can happen. &ldqu. HanbitSoft (Korean: 한빛소프트) is a Korean computer game publishing and development company. It is best known internationally as the Korean distributor for the successful computer game StarCraft. Formed in , HanbitSoft specializes in the distribution of massively multiplayer online roleplaying games ( MMORPGs). Namco Bandai Games provided free ongoing US/EU server support in the fall of Flagship Studios until January 31, , when the US/EU multiplayer game servers and websites were taken offline. HanbitSoft has since acquired properties to the game and has redeveloped it as a free-to-play Hellgate London: Resurrection.

3 Nov The Hellgate: London IP saga continues. While we had some dire news that the servers will go dark at the end of January, we also know that development for the title is still being done in Redbana's California office just not for which region. The latest word we've received on this seems to indicate the. 18 Jan *ahem*) in the wake of the Flagship Studios closure and subsequent legal wranglings between T3 Entertainment/HanbitSoft and NAMCO BANDAI. Still, despite some of the flaws both in terms of business decisions made and the game itself, the title has its fans and many were sad to see Hellgate: London's.