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You need to have a hotel desk to spawn your desk clerk and bellhop. Of course the dumb sim got out of the chair on the wrong side and was trapped. 2. Bring up the cheat box. (Shift+Control+C) 3. Type in: changelotzoning hotel 4. Hit enter. 5. Save your game, exit to the neighborhood, and click on the. Sep 22, Bon Voyage, the sixth expansion pack in The Sims 2 game series, allows your Sims to escape their neighborhood and take an exotic vacation. you can decorate your hotel as you wish, you will need a concierge desk (found in the " Miscellaneous" section in "Buy" mode) in order for your Sims to check in. Make sure that you exit out of the lot and then re-enter it. The desk will be under the 'Misc' section, I'm not quite sure on the whereabouts of which category, but just look under 'All'. You can make a community restraunt but you will have no say in how it goes or any control over it. It's also great to have the.

You bought the Sims 2 hoping that you would be able to make your own hotels, then you install the game and find out even though the game is based on mode before changing to hotel mode because if you build in residential mode, you don't get access to all the community lot things such as dining/shopping/hotel desk. Well the hotel desk is a lot bigger than the restaurant desk and they look completely different. I think the restaurant one only takes up one square but the hotel desk takes up three. I don't think you can run a hotel because I've never heard of it. I doubt you could make one and make it a home business or buy. Start with a community lot. Make sure you have only one entrance to each hotel room and that you use the special hotel doors on it. Make sure to include a reception desk. When you're all done building it, use the cheat changelotzoning hotel to make it a hotel.

Mar 25, Created for: The Sims 2. This Creation belongs to a Set - Click here to show the whole Set · This Mesh has Recolors on TSR - Click here to show them. A desk to go along with all your other hotel furniture. Creator Notes. Uses wood textures of the Foreign Flavor Dresser. Short URL. A hotel is a hybrid of a community lot and residential lot that can only be found in vacation neighborhoods in The Sims: Vacation and The Sims 2 Bon Voyage. Hotels were first introduced in The Sims: The bellhop tends to the front desk and generally will only leave it to deliver room service. They otherwise cannot be .