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Hi, Acer Computer? PQservice is the hidden partition which allows you to return the system back to out of the box state. Check with Acer Support and their on-line documentation. Acer - USA - Service and Support - Drivers en/US/content/support. Acer - Community/Forums. 7 Nov I've recently offered to help out a friend who's Acer aspire has stopped working. I've managed to make the PQService partition visible and was wondering what was the best way to restore the machine to factory defaults. The Acer hidden recovery partition (PQSERVICE) has been removed. Hello. I'm a new user of an Acer desktop, and of Windows 7. I came from another brand of computer and Windows XP. Should I have System Protection turned on or off under "System Properties" for this PQ Service drive? I think the protection is Windows 7 Firewall, but I also have Kaspersky. Also, is this.

Im about to format my harddrive and reinstall Windows 7 using the windows 7 CD I purchased. I can see a number of partitions: Disk 0 partition 1: PQSERVICE. Disk 0 Parition 2: System Reserve. Disk 0 Parttion 3: Acer. Disk 0 Parition 4: DATA. I would like as fresh reinstall as possible. Can I delete Disk 0. Is this where I can ask my question? ACER Chat seems to be shut down. Simple question does PQSERVI:CE need to be on? (While knowing more about partioning is laudible, right now the PQSERVICE question is more pressing.) Thank you. [subject line edited to reflect new topic]. 0. I have an Acer Aspire laptop running Windows 7. The GB hard drive is close to full and I've purchased a 1TB drive I want to clone it to using Macrium Reflect - Free Edition and a USB/SATA cable. This software allows me to custom resize partitions. There are 3 partitions, PQSERVICE (hidden).

I'd like to know how to remove the worthless PQSERVICE partition from my PC. From what I know, it's a recovery partition that's found on Acer computers. That seems right since the hard drive I'm using is from an old Acer Aspire PC of ours. I' d like to regain the space it's taking up so that I can install more. Hello I have an Acer Aspire laptop and have just mistakenly formatted the hidden partition,wiping the data in the process. Can anyone either help me to recover the data or assist in providing a. 1) The PQservice partition is the acer hidden partition that contains the factory image- it can restore the computer to factory condition. It can be launched either from the e-recovery software (part of e-empowering suite) inside windows or a key combo (ALT+F10 or such like) at boot. Since you have clean.