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The discussion is recorded on the course site for all to review and respond at their convenience. The discussions may be graded as well. You may have multiple discussion board forums in your course – for example, you might choose to have a different forum for each topic. If you are using the Blackboard Groups feature. This information applies only to the Original Course View. Your institution controls which tools are available. A forum is an area of the discussion board where participants discuss a topic or a group of related topics. Within each forum, users can create multiple threads. When your instructor creates a forum, they may or may. Jump to the "Ultra" help on opening a discussion. Find the discussion board in two places: On the course menu, select Discussions. On the course menu, select Tools and then Discussion Board. The main Discussion Board page appears with a list of available discussion forums.

With online discussions, course members can replicate the robust discussions that take place in the traditional classroom. For smaller course groups, you can also offer group discussions, available only to the members of the group. About Discussions, Forums, and Threads · Create Discussions · Create Forums. Why can't I see my discussion post? Check if you accidentally saved your contribution as a draft. Return to the forum page, access the Display menu, and select Drafts Only. Select Search at the top of the main discussion board, forum, or thread page and search for a term you used in your message. There are three main components of the discussion board: Forums: these are how the discussion board is categorised. For instance.

15 Feb bb Topic Overview You can incorporate the Discussion Board into course areas, allowing students to access the tool alongside content. For example, you can add links to the Discussion Board itself or specific discussion forums to any Content Area. 15 Feb bb Topic Overview When you subscribe to a discussion-board forum or thread, you will receive an email that will alert you when a peer or instructor has replied to the thread. The email will not send the post, but inform you of the new comment.