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Paul washer shocking message

9 Nov Paul Washer is probably best known because of a stunning sermon he delivered at a youth conference back in Someone filmed it and when the video started to circulate it generated a huge underground buzz. Paul Washer went from an obscure (and faithful) missionary to the most downloaded. 16 Feb Sermon on Isaiah This sermon compares Paul Washer's sermon, 'A Shocking Youth Message,' to the evangelism of the reformed preachers of the past, and shows the error of 'Lordship Salvation.'. 5 May This is a Shockingly Powerful & Biblical message preached to about youth in a day when youth are appealed to through shallow and worldly means. At one point in this sermon the youth are clapping and yelling but then the preacher makes a comment that changes the whole atmosphere to.

30 Jan One of the best youth messages I have come across was Paul Washer's " shocking youth message". It was a biblical message about what it truly means t o be a Christian. It was so good that he wasn't welcomed back! (No kidding) It's a tremendous privilege for me to be here this afternoon with you.. Episode –. Paul Washer Shocking Youth Message. Ray Comfort and Paul Washer Preach to Youth. Segment 1 () – Why do kids struggle to articulate the gospel? The Law must come first; Ray Comfort preaches the gospel at a youth conference. Segment 2 () – Paul Washer shocking youth message; false. 29 May I am deeply touched by this biblical sound and truthful message and I am of the opinion that the message should be conveyed to all groups of Christians who profess to be Christians.I committee myself to preach to my family as I am the head of my household. God bless you Preacher Paul Washer!!.