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Red00r for iphone 3g

Could be supported by Grayd00r in near future. You can jailbreak it with p0sixspwn. iPod Touch 5G+. Not supported. iPhone 2G. Supported by Whited00r. iPhone 3G. Supported by Whited00r. iPhone 3GS. Could be supported by Grayd00r in near future. You can jailbreak it with p0sixspwn. iPhone 4+. Not supported. 30 Jun Today is a great day. The whited00r development team released Redd00r. Redd00r is an optimized version of iOS 4 that gives life back to the older iDevices . It also brings a lot of features from newer versions of iOS down to iOS 4! Below is a features list Homescreen Wallpaper Redd00r offers. 31 Dec Redd00r is very old and has a lot of bugs. It is like whited00r (it gives newer features to older devices), but instead of iOS , it is based on iOS That means that Redd00r supports more apps. Also, Redd00r only works on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G, and does not work on iPhone 2G or iPod.

1 Jun Similarly, what the RedD00r project is, is an attempt to bring the features of the iOS 5 firmware to the iOS firmware, but for MC models of the iPod Touch 2G and iPhone 3G (as MC models are not supported in WhiteD00r). Meaning the differences between WhiteD00r and RedD00r are the firmwares. The latest Tweets from Redd00r For iOS 4 (@Redd00r). Custom firmware for iPod Touch 2G, 3G and iPhone 3G. 19 Jan Install iOS 5 on iPhone 3G & 2G or iPod Touch 1G/2G with Whited00r 5. This is recommended to avoid any conflicts. This video demonstrates the speed of an iPhone 3G running Whited00r compared to an iPhone 3GS running iOS 5: .. Use redd00r if you want ios 4 app compatibility. Porting ios 5.

Currently, the whited00r project only supports the iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod 1, and iPod 2. The following is from the whited00r website. Whited00r is the biggest community of iOS modding and firmware cooking in the world. Here you will find full support for all Apple devices equipped with the ARMv6 CPU. 29 Oct Seems like developers over WhiteD00r are in action again. This time they will be releasing iOS 5 for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G devices. The project is called RedD00r. These devices are by default not supported by iOS 5. How it works: Let us clear you how this thing works. They will not install the actual.