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Turn off prompt ie9

4 Apr How to disable first run welcome screen in IE8 and IE9 via group policy editor or registry editor. Unfortunately Microsoft hasn't made it easy to disable this initial setup. But rest assured, I did find several methods you can use open the Registry Editor. You may be prompted with a UAC prompt, click “Yes”. I don't see the option of "automatic prompt for downloading" under security tab in IE9? Could anyone please help me in disabling it in any other ways if possible?. on the other user computer there is a pop-up window from the browser but it will immediately open the file without asking. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? we both have IE9 (it happend to him on IE8 as well). i have Win 7 bit Disable prompt "File Download" --> "Do you want to open or save this file?".

2 Sep When disabling certain security features in IE9 you will begin to notice a prompt continuously appearing notifying you "Your current security settings put your. 31 Jul To the right of the "no" option (to the default browser question) is a little menu arrow. Click this and select "don't ask me again". This should disable the question . 10 Jul In saying that however, the Internet Explorer 8 (Do you want to open this file?) prompt actually allows users to essentially disable the prompt for that particular file type by un-ticking the “Always ask before opening this type of file” check-box at the bottom of the prompt. IE 9 and 10 have now removed this.

Its a new component of IE9 which automatically and periodically checks for add- ons which might slow down IE and lets you disable those add-ons quickly and easily by showing a popup notification message "Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons" at the bottom-center of IE9 window as shown in following screenshot. Below is an example of how to use the toolkit to disable IE 10 upgrade: Create a destination folder (In this example "IE10 Blocker" is used); Go to http://www. ?id=, click Download, saving to your. 4 Jun For those of you not ready to switch to IE 9, or want to go back to IE 8, this article ( written back when Microsoft was moving us from IE 7 to IE 8) tells you what you need to know.. I simply How To Turn Off The Update Nag Windows Update will no longer prompt me to install this (now) 'hidden' update.