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I've heard that the Spyder4 software is better to use and such but I want which will get me closest to true color. So does anyone know which is more accurate on the actual color display? I really need to get my color, brightness, etc, under control before I make these templates. Being a professional I need to. I'm now shooting raw and expecting new 24" monitor with IPS screen for Lightroom development purposes. . As far as I can tell, the big difference between the Spyder 4 Express and Pro is the ambient light measurement afforded by the Pro version, as well as less-restricted . I use an Xrite i1 Display Pro. Generally the opinion is that the i1 Display Pro is faster and better than the Spyder 4 Elite. See here as most people handling theatre calibration prefer the i1 Display Pro for faster and more accurate profiles. Computer users I haven't read much on this yet. Logged.

11 Jul And one of the most common questions is - Spyder5 vs. i1Display Pro? Which is the best, and why? We'll compare only the latest models - the Spyder5 and the i1Display Pro. The Spyder4 and all Spyders before it are not even close to the same class, and neither are the older i1Display V1/V2 units. If you're. 2 Nov If you are talking about he X-rite i1 Display Pro 3, it is superior to both of the Spyder units you mentioned. If you mean the older i1 Pro Spectro, I think the X- rite would still beat the Spyders for accuracy. X-rite is the way to go basically unless you want to spend a lot or buy used. I would recommend the.