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Lee yeong hyeon miracle

Lee Yeong-Hyeon - Miracle Lyrics (Good Doctor OST). PM. ROMANIZATION LYRICS. useoyo ijen. oerowo marayo. honjaran saenggage himi deul ttaen nae son kkok jabayo. naeanui geudaen. yakhaji anhayo. maeumkkeot ureodo gwaenchanhayo. chamneun ge ganghan geon aninikka. Always!! Love Love yourself. 15 Aug Lyrics for Miracle by Lee Young Hyun. Lee Yeong-Hyeon - Miracle Lyrics (Good Doctor OST) useoyo ijen oerowo marayo honjaran sae. Chords for Lee Yeong Hyeon(이영현) - 미라클 (Miracle) (Good Doctor Ost) F, G, C.

A music video for Lee Yeong Hyeon's 'Miracle' for the KBS' new drama 'Good Doctor' OST has been released even before the drama's first airing. 'Miracle' is a song dedicated to those who hope for a miracle as the lyrics about miraculous love and power of love say. To the accompaniment of sweet guitar melody and oboe.