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Daryl fooler doolers

Daryl's Amazing Acrobatic Knot. This incredible routine begins when a white knot jumps from a white rope onto a red rope. You further amaze your audience by sliding that knot completely off then visibly tossing it back onto the red rope. For a mind-boggling finish, the knot dissolves right in front of their eyes and becomes a . What about Daryl's Fooler Doolers? I need your opinion for this set. Thank you! Smile. Tim Trono View Profile Inner circle Posts Profile of Tim Trono. Post Icon Posted: Feb 1, pm. There are no likes for this post. 0. It was one of the best purchases I made last year in magic. I wrote about it at. L&L Publishing Fooler Doolers - Daryl - Volumes 1 - 3 - This astonishing three- volume set teaches you some of the most entertaining magic you will ever see. You will see why Daryl has truly earned the title of “The World Champion Magician's Magician” as he holds you and the live audience captivated with these mysteries.

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