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20 Oct About this mod. Native Expansion is a total enhancement for Native Warband. It doesn't aim to be a total conversion, it aims to take everything that is great about Native and make it better. Our motto: More Better Stuff. Better troops. Better diplomacy. Better mechanics. Better quests. Better menus. More of. 17 Aug Ramaraunt, alongside old Andzi, present: Native Alternate Expansion This mod is made in honor of Peasant the Unruley, a member of the Persistent World community who passed away in June, Welcome to Native Alternate Expasnion!We're here to tell you. 4 Mar MOD DEVELOPMENT CONTINUED. Diplomacy Preferences rolled into new presentation based on Jartleon's work; Deathcam (two new camera modes), follower mode and free mouse cam; Horse scattering/culling in field battles; Lords will upgrading equipment quality, hire mercenaries from towns, and.

Wikipic. Welcome to Native Expansion Wiki The wiki is about the Native Expansion Mod for Mount and Blade Warband that anyone can edit · 23 articles since June, Native Expansion [S] Battle of Bucharest - Wrap-Up (May 26th, ) Mount & Blade: Warband released (March 14th, ) Warband console version ! (XB1 & PS4) (February 2nd, ) Discussion for Native Expansion Developer Snapshot. Started by Lav «1 2 3 4». 58 Replies 13, Views, Last. 11 Sep Mods definitely. There are mods that just improve native, without changing the feel, so that alons makes them better. I like a ton of mods and I don't really have a favourite. It's still best to play native for a few days to learn the game first though, plus that way you know what's part of the game and what was.

30 Jun Steam Workshop: Mount & Blade: Warband. I've reuploaded it so it can actually work with the workshop. FEATURES - Dark Knights invasion. This is an optional deviation from sandbox gameplay, introducing a major new threat to high-level. 14 Jul Hello, I remember playing the game last year for a bit, and I knew the basics to combat and quests. However, in the 'grand' scheme of things, I never knew how to progress (or if I was). I know you can talk to the kings of each city, and there are options to become noble, but is that the path? Most of the time I. 19 Jan Native Expansion === Native Expansion in a nutshell is just that - an extension of the original game, Mount & Blade (and now Warband). Whereas many mods strive to differentiate themselves by radically changing the game or its mechanics , NE is an attempt to take the same awesome gameplay.